Summer here!

Posted in aberatii, missing you, scoala, Uncategorized by madalina2411 on 06/21/2010

Got big plans for this one! ❤

I’ll be in Spain for a week with some of my classmates. It’ll be amazing, can’t wait!

My newest obsession is True Blood! I know that to some it might seem wrong that I’ve started with the TV show instead of the books, but what can I say?!… I LOVE it! And of course, I love Eric Northman! ❤ He is now among the famous guys that I would reaaaallly like to meet!

I’ll have my camera in Spain, so prepare for some good photographs!

This Saturday Metallica will come again at the Sonisphere Festival! I love ‘em! They’re among my favourite bands and it’s the second time I see them! 😀

I talked to my mom and convinced her to teach me how to cook this summer! I wonder if the kitchen will survive…

I miss my classmates! I want that last week of this school year to be on repeat because it was awsome!

I’ve got to read lots and lots of books this summer.  Some for school, some for my own pleasure…

I expect great changes in these 3 months. Hope I’ll do good.

Love y’all!


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